Here I Go!

This is my first post, and I don’t really know what I’m doing yet.  Hopefully it will become clearer (to you and to me).

I have been writing short reviews on Amazon for books I have purchased, and recently I was contacted by the Allingham Estate about Margery Allingham’s books.  They very kindly provided a book for free, asking only that I read, review it and post it on NetGalley, which I did.  Now, I find I like doing this–reading books (I especially like mysteries, classic and more current–but not thrillers) and writing my impressions of them.  I will also confess that I  have some vague thought of trying to write a mystery of my own.  But you know, I ran into a roadblock trying to envision and carry out a (fictional) murder.  It seems to flow so  effortlessly in the best mysteries I have read.  But I also have found that I don’t like mysteries where the author’s earnest efforts at writing are too visible to me.  It puts to mind seeing a stage play where too much of the backstage activity is visible–it gets in the way of the story.  So far, in my own writing, the stage crew is very much in evidence.

So that’s all.  At least I got started!

2 thoughts on “Here I Go!

  1. I chuckled at your “roadblock” as you envisioned a hypothetical murder. Once, my husband and I, big fans of the mystery genre, tried to chart out the “perfect murder,” in the interest of my coming up with a plot for a whodunit. For every solution we envisioned (how to dispose of the weapon, for example), we’d create new problems. We got into great detail, but never saw a clear, credible path to hold a reader’s interest until the final reveal. BTW this discussion took place at a restaurant, where our server probably contemplated calling the cops. Realizing I just don’t have the brain for crafting a whodunit, I focused instead on character-driven novels about people reinventing themselves in times of stress, while I remain awestruck by craftsmen like Mary Higgins Clark.

  2. Thank you, Melanie. I am astounded at the ease with which some of my favorite, even classic authors, blithely scatter murder victims across their elegantly plotted mysteries. I just finished reviewing the latest Sidney Chambers mystery volume (see later post/review); out of the six stories in the book, I believe in at least three of them a character expires soon after a visit with Sidney, man of God and our hero.

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