Review: “Murder Under the Covered Bridge (A Bucket List Mystery)” By Elizabeth Peron. Midnight Ink.

I missed the first book in this Bucket List series, but was given the opportunity to preview the second, “Murder Under the Covered Bridge”. This is a lively, multi-layered story chronicling activities of a group of 70-something women. We start with Francine and Charlotte and a racy Victorian-style photo session on the Roseville Bridge, which seems like fun all by itself. But the nicely naughty shoot is interrupted by a different kind of shooting–rifle shots–that has the sketchily clad models diving for cover. After the gunshots, there is a death and two sets of arson incidents, one of which, alas, brings down the Roseville Bridge. We savor Mary Ruth’s baking activities at the Covered Bridge Festival–including her chronically sold-out corn fritter donuts–and Joy shivering in her on-camera jacket as a TV correspondent. Ephemeral figures loom, even walk through the pages for a time, and then inexplicably disappear. The main story is an intriguing and–yes–mysterious one that ultimately leads to a surprising denouement. But it’s all great fun, and very entertaining. Who knew being 70 could be so adventurous?


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