Review: Odds on Miss Seeton by Heron Carvic. Farrago

Scotland Yard has a problem. Actually, lots of them, most likely–but it’s just the one that they need Miss Seeton’s help with. It’s simple, really; Scotland Yard just wants Miss Seeton to make a sketch for them. Since she’s a retired art teacher, easy assignment.

It might have been, but there’s a little more to it. The sketch that’s sought is of an elusive major crime boss, head of a syndicate taking over gambling clubs and casinos. Oh, and since Miss Seeton’s feats have become rather widely known, it is decided that she will carry out this little mission disguised as Mrs. Amos B. Herrington-Casey, a ninety-year-old woman known for her wealth, fondness for gambling, heavy makeup and extravagant jewelry. Miss Seeton reluctantly agrees to visit the Gold Fish casino in disguise, and sets out to fulfill her appointed task with her signature dedication to duty.

Anyone who has read any of the Miss Seeton stories is already on edge, because while we don’t know quite what is coming, history dictates that it will be neither simple nor stealthy. And once again, Miss Seeton does not disappoint.

Turns out the crime boss, Mr. Thatcher, is acquainted with the real Mrs. Herrington-Casey, and thus sees through Miss Seeton’s impersonation. Miss Seeton does succeed in producing a helpful sketch, but in the process she has incurred the wrath of Mr. Thatcher, who determines that Miss Seeton and her friends must be extinguished.

With the help of some stalwart friends, armed only with her purse, brolly, and a hatpin, Miss Seeton and her troupe take on a nasty crop of evildoers bent on her destruction. As an added bonus, there is a nice little romance (or maybe two?) moving into full bloom.

Enjoyable and ingenious, as always. No classical music clues in this one. There are some trumpet calls at the horse races, though. (What’s that? Miss Seeton and horse racing?). You’ll have to read it.

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for making this book available for me to read and review.

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