Archive | June 2016

Review: “Dysfunction Interrupted: How to Quickly Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger Starting Now” by Audrey Sherman, Ph.D. Concord Publishing

I was given the opportunity by the publisher through NetGalley to read a review this book, which I am very pleased to do.

As a practicing psychotherapist, I have found that even now, in our 21st century, seeking help for psychological problems is not well understood; it seems the prevailing attitude is that if you need psychological help you must be “crazy.” So, the stigma of mental illness persists, and many continue to be reluctant to seek professional help, hoping they can find a way to help themselves.

This book can help with that search. Written in understandable English without a lot of jargon, the author’s attitude presented is that we are all affected by our experiences, most particularly by our start in our family of origin. After years of experience, I feel that most parents sincerely love their children and want to do their best for them. But in the first part of this book, which I found extremely valuable, Dr. Sherman outlines the many ways that even well-meaning parents can err, and how a child may be affected by those experiences. This is done without blame and finger-pointing.

I have found it is a great relief for patients to have clear explanations of how their life experiences may have affected them and, more importantly, that there are real, practical and doable avenues that can be taken to alleviate these effects. This book brings a message of hope. In addition to explanations, Dr. Sherman offers a nine-point plan for the reader to achieve a happier and more fulfilling life, freed of the nagging feelings of guilt and unworthiness that lead to depression and anxiety. There is also website support and lists of resources to aid the reader on their path to greater health. I applaud this fine effort to aid and motivate readers to help themselves to a more positive path.