Review: Miss Seeton Draws the Line by Heron Carvic. Farrago.

Once again, Miss Seeton is requested to lend her unique sketching talents to Scotland Yard. This time, there is a series of child stranglings without any leads. Also in Miss Seeton’s little village there has been a series of burglaries leaving residents missing some of their most prized possessions.

Miss Seeton is asked to sketch the children of the village. All goes well, if unremarkably, until Miss S. tries to sketch little Effie Goffer. Indeed, she feels quite embarrassed that her picture goes seriously awry, with wavy lines across it. Of course, being as how this is Miss S. the odd drawing turns out to be significant, although not quite in the way Scotland Yard had hoped.

As usual, the village gossip line is working overtime and the stories surrounding Miss Seeton are becoming downright ludicrous. Leave it to Mel, an enterprising young journalist, to put the false and misleading stories in their place.

Miss Seeton soldiers on, finding difficulties with her bank and also encountering yet another young person whose picture she cannot complete. In the course of events, Miss Seeton comes into harm’s way but ultimately succeeds with the help of a few stalwart friends and, of course, her trusty brolly.

Once again author Carvic leads us on a merry chase with an outcome that Miss Seeton’s fans will relish.

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for making this book available to me to read and review.

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