Review: Advantage Miss Seeton by Hampton Charles. Farrago

Continuing with the Miss Seeton stories after the untimely death of its author Heron Carvic, Hampton Charles carries on the tradition valiantly with this book.

We find Miss Seeton becoming involved in the world of competitive tennis, again as a sideline of her activities on behalf of Scotland Yard.

Bright young Trish Thumper (continuing with the catch-name tradition begun by Carvic), is a Wimbledon contender. But her father, Sir Wilfred Thumper, has earned his reputation as a “hanging judge” with his severe decisions in court, a history of justice not even slightly tempered with mercy. Now Justice Thumper has received threats that the Yard is taking seriously. They set about ensuring the safety of Justice Thumper’s daughter.

There are villains, of course: a trio is systematically robbing village churches of their silver in a series of burglaries. The burglary theme becomes enmeshed with the threats to Thumper and his daughter. Miss Seeton and her trusty friends and Yard personnel blaze a trail that goes to Wimbledon and also to Glyndebourne (continuing the theme of classical music also begun by Carvic).

It is lively tale. The evildoers are dealt with in trademark Seeton tradition–the Brolly continues to be a formidable weapon. The scene at Glyndebourne, in particular, is not to be missed.

There are several romances thrown in for good measure: Bob Ranger and Ann, the doctor’s daughter, soon to be wed; also journalists Amelita (Mel) Forby Thrudd Banner, and Nigel Colveden (son of Sir George) and the splendidly athletic Trish.

It’s all most satisfying and entertaining. The villains are dealt with, the lovers continue happily on their respective paths, and Mr. Justice Thumper learns some humility at last.

My thanks once again to the publisher (Pete at Farrago) and NetGalley for sharing this book to read and review.

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