Review: The Crepes of Wrath, A Pancake House Mystery, by Sarah Fox. Random House Publishing Group – Alibi

This is a cleverly-titled story of a young woman, Marley McKinney, who sets out to do a good deed for her cousin Jimmy while he is in hospital. Marley agrees to stay in Jimmy’s charming Victorian at Wildwood Cove and oversee the running of his pancake house.

The pleasant summer stay turns tragic when Marley’s cousin Jimmy is found dead on a rocky cliff, just after he was released to return home from his hospital stay. Marley is crushed, and then shocked when Jimmy’s death is found to be murder.

Marley find some friends to help her as she seeks to unravel the tangle of events. Marley turns out to be the heir to Jimmy’s house and business. She is kept busy dealing with her grief, running the pancake house, playing with Jimmy’s cat (named Flapjack, naturally). Marley finds herself in danger as well but with the help of handsome and supportive childhood sweetheart Brett and Ray, the local sheriff, Marley finds resolution, discovers Jimmy’s killer, and makes an important decision to leave her job in Seattle and settle in Wildwood Cove. With the setting so well established, it seems clear that this is just the beginning of Marley’s experiences in this lovely coastal town.

This is a satisfying, well-written book with lively characters and imaginative storytelling.  My thanks to the author and publisher for making this book available for me to read and review.

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