Review: The Book of Beloved: Pluto’s Snitch Book 1, by Carolyn Haines. Thomas & Mercer.

belovedIt’s 1920, and school teacher Raissa James, has just received an invitation for a grand house party at her uncle’s Mobile estate, Caoin House. Raissa, just 24 years old, had been widowed by the loss of her husband in the recent war. Raissa decides to accept her uncle’s invitation.

Arriving at the lovely estate, Raissa meets several people: including a young man named Robert Aultman, her uncle and his lady friend Isabelle, and attorney Carlton McKay. Raissa is interested in ghost stories and spiritualism, and is soon enthralled by stories about the past of Caoin House. She sees a mysterious figure that turns out to be the ghost of Eli Whitehead, builder of Caoin House. Raissa learns the tragic story of the death of Eli and his wife and child.

But the party is lively, and Raissa finds herself enjoying her visit–until it is marred by tragedy: the puzzling fall of Robert from the roof of the house. Raissa is drawn into a drama of exploration in which the past and the present seem oddly mingled.

Raissa, with her extraordinary ability to sense ghostly presence, embarks on a journey to deal with the deep hidden secrets of Caoin House and free the restless spirits therein. But for Raissa, danger is close at hand in the present.

This is an enthralling story, the first book in a projected new series. It is a most promising start. My thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for making this book available for me to read and review.  It was my pleasure.

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