Review: Miss Seeton, By Appointment by Hampton Charles. Farrago.

Hampton Charles continues the tradition of Miss Seeton started by Heron Carvic in this book.

Once again Miss Seeton is in fine style, brought in from the sidelines by Scotland Yard to do her part in thwarting a theft. We have a lovely damsel in distress, Wendy Smith newly created as high fashion model “Marigold Naseby” who has been crowned the new Lalique Lady and is scheduled for a lofty fashion shooting by celebrated photographer Cedric Benbow (Miss Seeton’s school chum, Clive Bennett).

But she is targeted by the villainous Sir Sebastian Prothero, and blackmailed into a forced theft of Lalique jewelry. We meet memorably-named characters Wormelow Tump and Ferencz Szabo AKA Frank Taylor, introduced in a previous story–although it seems to me their characters are different in this one? Also, Bob Ranger and the lovely Anne are still engaged in this book, although I believe their wedding was described in (the previous?) book, Advantage Miss Seeton.

But no matter. This is a splendid story, meticulously crafted. The climactic scene where Sir Sebastian gets his well-deserved comeuppance is as exquisitely choreographed as any Busby Berkeley musical. Miss Seeton and her team are so magnificent; one almost feels sorry for the hapless villain. Oh–an added bonus. In the course of the story, Miss Seeton is invited to a Buckingham Palace garden party, where OF COURSE she has a personal meeting with Her Majesty.

Great fun, and most enjoyable reading.   My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for making this book available for me to read and review.  Once again, my pleasure.

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