WholeReview: A Whole Latte Murder: A Java Jive Mystery, by Caroline Fardig. Random House – Alibi


whole-latteJuliet Langley surely leads an interesting life. One might say she’s a Renaissance woman. She manages the popular Java Jive coffee house, she is a beautiful, feisty redhead, a talented musician, and has a number of attractive men in her life–police detective Ryder Hamilton is her primary romantic interest as the story opens, but she also has her very best friend Pete Bennett, and as the tale progresses, interest builds in another policeman, Detective Stafford.


Juliet has vowed to stay out of detective endeavors, but her life gets complicated. Ryder gets a promotion to Homicide. That’s a good thing, right? Well, maybe for him, but not for Juliet, who finds her anxiety climbing. Then Pete takes a nasty fall and breaks his wrist, and a local college student goes missing, causing concern for Juliet’s friend Chelsea. Soon after that, Chelsea is found dead in her bathtub, apparently electrocuted.


Faced with all this, Juliet goes into full sleuthing mode with Pete as events continue to escalate. Juliet’s relationship with Ryder blows up, while Juliet and Pete’s interactions are heating up. As if that weren’t enough, detective Stafford is becoming a Person of Interest, and Juliet’s musical performing talents are renewed.


This is a lively tale, full of curves and twists, which leaves us looking for what the next episode may bring.  My thanks to author, publisher and NetGalley for making an advance copy available for me to read and review.

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