Review: Judgment of Murder by C. S. Challinor. Midnight Ink.

judgment-of-murderIt all begins with Lord Gordon Murgatroyd, a judge famous for his severe meting out of justice, dies. Rex Graves, a Scottish barrister who remembers that Murgatroyd, despite his fabled severity, was kind to him, and contacts his bereaved daughter Phoebe to offer his condolences.


It’s meant to be a civil paying of respects, but Rex finds more than he expected. Phoebe confides to Rex that she is not convinced her father’s death was a natural one, and she asks Rex to look into it. Rex, busy with Court duties and also with a lovely fiancée Helen, is reluctant at first to get involved. But finally he promises Phoebe to look into it a bit.


Events become more heated when Rex, meeting with a suspect, is drugged, beaten, and possibly looking forward to worse when he rescued by his good friend Alistair. Rex and Alistair start following clues and before long see a possible link between their search and a current child abduction case.


Rex and Alistair prove to be a dignified but formidable pair as they delve more deeply into the trail they are following. Ultimately, they meet with success in a most satisfactory way. Not unimportantly, Rex and Helen come to an understanding that may pave the way for further adventures for Rex and Alistair.


This is a splendid tale, solidly in the British tradition. The Scottish setting lends atmosphere to a well-told and satisfying story. I suspect we will be hearing more from Rex, Helen and Alistair.  My thanks to author, publisher, and NetGalley for sharing an advance copy for me to read and review.

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