Review: Murder at Cleeve Abbey by Anita Davison. Aria.

cleeve-abbeyApparently this is the second book to feature the intrepid Flora Maguire.

After some earlier adventures, Flora’s world is now good. Married to Bunny Harrington, she is setting into married life. Her biggest challenge is dealing with her over-dramatic, demanding mother-in-law.


But Flora’s happy world is torn when she receives word of her father’s sudden death in an accident at Cleeve Abbey, where he has been butler for many years to Earl Trent.


Flora and Bunny receive an invitation to Cleeve Abbey to attend to her father’s funeral. But once there, Flora becomes uneasy about the circumstances of her father’s death. She senses that people are hiding things, and she come to suspect that her father’s death was no accident.


Flora goes forward step by step in her search for the truth, supported by her husband. The process involves careful investigation, and Flora moves toward the truth. But she does not realize until it’s almost too late that she has stumbled on some dark truths, and her own life is in danger.


This is a well-constructed, detailed story that puts setting and characters before us in intriguing fashion. Indeed, I find I liked this book so well I have already purchased the first book in this series, to get more of the back-story. I have a feeling we’re going to hear a lot more from Flora.


My thanks to author, publisher and NetGalley for providing this advance copy for me to read and review.

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