Review: Two Books from Midnight Ink: (1) A Fatal Twist by Tracy Weber; (2) The Elusive Elixir by Gigi Pandian

A Fatal Twist, by Tracy Weber.  Midnight Ink

a-fatal-twistIf you like yoga, childbirth, puppies, and intrigue, this is your book. The author clearly knows her subject well, and brings us into the world of yoga with a multifaceted tale.

Kate Davidson is a yoga instructor and the central character here. There are at least three story lines to follow: one, the homicide of Doctor Richard Jones (“Dr. Dick”) a rather odious, appropriately named character. Kate gets involved when her good friend Rachel is suspected of the crime. Second, we have Rachel’s beautiful but quirky dog Bella, who needs lots of special care and loving attention. Then we have the two orphan labradoodle puppies who win hearts but also cause a lot of damage with their antics. We care about these people, and the dogs, and are drawn into finding solutions for all of them. How can all this be successfully resolved?

This is a lively and entertaining book that pulls at our heartstrings.

The Elusive Elixir, by Gigi Pandian.   Midnight Ink.

elusive-elixirZoe Faust is a charming woman with a secret–she’s more than 300 years old, having discovered the Elixir of Life by accident in her alchemical pursuits. Now she needs to help her friend Dorian, a Notre Dame de Paris gargoyle come to life but now slowly returning to stone. It involves a mysterious process Zoe calls “backward alchemy.”

Zoe undertakes to help her friend, but soon finds that she is into a very dangerous business with unscrupulous characters who will stop at nothing to gain their goals.

This is a richly imagined and wonderfully detailed story that takes the reader on an enthralling adventure.

My thanks to authors, publisher, and NetGalley for providing an advance copy to read and review.

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