My Name is Paulette.

Paulette is about 72 years old. Looks pretty good for her age, don’t you think?  Actually, this is a new organdy dress and a new wig, with a warm sweater over it.

I got Paulette as a Christmas gift from my Uncle Paul in 1944, when he was in the Army stationed in Monterey, California.  Originally, Paulette wore a gauzy white dress with small blue flowers on it; she had a mohair wig with long braids.  Sorry, no picture is available of Paulette’s original form.   Her companion was a small bear in a purple felt vest. Both had heads made of composition–a kind of pressed wood product often found in dolls of the early 20th century, and cloth bodies.




This is me with my Uncle Paul about the time he gave Paulette and Bear to me.  Bear has kept his original clothes all this time, but Paulette has been redressed several times, as the original gauzy white dress with little blue flowers is very fragile now.  Here are two  pictures of Paulette in different clothes.  The first one was taken in the 1980s with a cotton dress and matching cape.  After that, it seems Paulette was packed away until 2013. The cotton dress and cape were gone, and Paulette was in a vintage white baby dress, but it didn’t fit very well and when the green organdy dress was found, it was put on Paulette.  I like the organdy dress a lot better!



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