Review: Brew or Die, A Java Jive Mystery, by Caroline Fardig. Random House Publishing Group – Alibi

When I reviewed A Whole Latte Murder, the previous book in this series, I remarked that our heroine Juliette Langley surely leads an interesting life. Having read this newest book, I would say that observation remains unchanged. Juliette is still beautiful and talented, with 2½ careers: manager of the Java Jive coffee house, solving mysteries, and dreaming of singing in the appropriate setting of Nashville.


There is at least one notable change here: Juliette is now a bona fide licensed private investigator. But she is still managing Java Jive and still juggling the presence of at least three interesting men in her life: her BFF Pete Bennett, police detectives Stafford and ex-fiancé Ryder Hamilton. In this story, they are all still present, but their status in Juliette’s life will change dramatically in the course of events.


Juliette get her first real PI case, but at the same time encounters an unexpected challenge at Java Jive with the suspicious death of barista Shane’s fiancée. Juliette certainly gets a workout in this book. Early morning baking, afternoons at Java Jive, and sleuthing at night: with this hectic schedule and sparse sleep, she remains beautiful, fascinating and energetic. Juliette manages to get herself in plenty of peril while pursuing answers to two different and challenging cases. In all this, she also finds time to write a new song, goes undercover as a glamorous bride model and as a swing shift cleaning lady.


Caroline Fardig has given us another wildly entertaining book to enjoy, with an appealing and feisty central character.  My thanks to author, publisher, and NetGalley for providing an advance copy to read and review.

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