Review: A Perfect Manhattan Murder: A Nic & Nigel Mystery #3, by Tracy Kelly. Midnight Ink.

Oh well, this book is just a lot of fun. It calls up remembrances of the Nick and Nora Charles and the Thin Man movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy. Things have changed a bit, of course. The leading couple are named Nicole (“Nic”) and Nigel Martini; we aren’t in the1930’s any more, and that trim little terrier Asta has morphed into Skippy, a bullmastiff sometimes mistaken for a small pony. But the setting is still Manhattan, and the insouciant repartee of the characters is as witty as ever.


The play’s the thing, it’s been said and that is true of this story in more ways than one. Nic and Nigel’s friend Harper’s new play has just debuted on Broaway, and a festive celebration is underway. The mood is somewhat soured by the Harper’s obnoxious husband Dan, a prominent critic. Nic does find three positive qualities to Dan: he was intelligent, could be charming when he wanted , and had excellent taste in scotch. This last point may be the most important.


Dan’s lukewarm review puts a damper on things. But that point is eclipsed when Dan turns up dead, leaving Harper a widow with an infant daughter and a possible suspect in Dan’s demise.


It’s up to Nic and Nigel to put things right, and as it turns out the play is the key to the whole thing. This book is thoroughly entertaining and delightful to read. For those who are interested, there are some excellent cocktail recipes at the end.

My thanks to author, publisher, and NetGalley for providing an advance copy to read and reviw.

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