Murder Between the Lines by Radha Vatsal | The White House Wedding: A Solve-the-Mystery Blog Tour Clue #5 by Radha Vatsal.

Murder Between the Lines by Radha Vatsal

ISBN: 9781492638926 | May 2017

Paperback | $15.99 U.S.

As the specter of the Great War hangs over the country, a promising young student turns up dead.

When Kitty Weeks’s latest assignment writing for the New York Sentinel Ladies’ Page takes her to Westfield Hall, a well-regarded girls’ school in New York City, she expects to find an orderly establishment teaching French and dancing–standard fare for schoolgirls in 1915. But there’s much more going on at the school than initially meets the eye. Kitty especially takes note of the studies of Elspeth Bright, the daughter of a scientist heavily involved in naval technology, who has inherited her father’s interest and talent for scientific inquiry.

Elspeth’s seemingly accidental death is a shock to the school community and to Kitty–and the more she finds out about Elspeth and her family, the more the intrepid reporter begins to believe that it may not have been an accident after all.

This book was reviewed April 30, 20117 on my blog.

Today, a special treat:

The White House Wedding: A Solve-the-Mystery Blog Tour by Radha Vatsal.

At 8:30 PM on Saturday, December 1915, President Woodrow Wilson married Mrs. Edith Bolling Galt. The new Mrs. Wilson would go on to become one of the 20th Century’s most powerful first ladies and shepherd the United States through turbulent times. In the course of this blog tour, I describe four different aspects of their wedding plan: The Location Jane Reads, Guest List and Attendants on Benjamin Clark. Ceremony and Officiants on J. Roslyn’s Books, Dress and Flowers (today’s post–see below). The wedding went off as arranged, except for one significant last-minute change. Your mission is to guess what changed and why. The answer will be revealed in the final blog post. For more on the president and Edith Bolling/Wilson’s relationship, see the Introduction on Katherine’s Chronicle.

BLOG POST #5: Dress and Flowers

President Wilson wore a cutaway coat with gray striped trousers. While the women guests wore colorful evening gowns, Edith Galt chose a somber black velvet dress that she had bought especially for the occasion in New York. She paired it with a velvet hat. The bulk of the decoration for wedding venue came in the form of flowers, American Beauty roses and orchids. The wedding canopy was lined with white heather. Elsewhere ferns, dwarf asparagus and American Beauty roses were intertwined and used in abundance.


Did Mrs. Galt opt for a more festive dress at the last minute? If not white, then something brighter to mirror the happy occasion.? Did the décor change from flowers to something more formal? A silk canopy perhaps, or statuary from the different states in the union? Was she persuaded to bow to a more patriotic theme and feature bows and red-white-and-blue bunting?


Next Up: Solution on Bookish Jottings


The new First Lady and Woodrow Wilson make a dramatic appearance in Murder Between the Lines, the second novel in the Kitty Weeks Mystery series, which features the adventures of bold newswoman Capability “Kitty” Weeks in World War I era New York. For more historical surprises, sign up for the Kitty Weeks newsletter:





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