Review: The Antique House Murders (The Oakwood Mystery Series) by Leslie Nagel. Random House Publishers Group – Alibi.

This is the second book in this series I have reviewed, the first being The Book Club Murders, which I found to be “a delightful book: fun to read.” I could say the same for this second book. In our heroine, the spirited Charley Carpenter, we have another of those feisty redhead sleuths that we love.


I liked this book, as I was an antique dealer myself for some years and found myself remembering many stories of my own while reading about Charley’s latest experiences.


Charley gets an advance invitation to view a selection of vintage clothing offered in the estate sale and auction of Mulbridge House, a venerable but molding mansion due to be demolished and replaced by a number of upscale homes. Charley is delighted with the mint-condition collection she is offered by her friend Calvin Prescott, but her happiness is cut short when Calvin is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Now Charley knows very well she should leave the sleuthing to her police detective Significant Other, Marc. But she finds she just can’t stay away from the case, which earns the ire of Marc and puts herself and some of her friends in harm’s way.


Really, these redheads keep their guardian angels awfully busy. Sometimes you think Charley is just taking too much risk, probing too far, getting herself in more trouble than she needs. But if Charley and her redheaded sisters were more safety-conscious, we would have fewer adventures to enjoy. So the story is eventful and holds our interest while offering an intriguing puzzle to solve. This is a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience

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