Review: James the Connoisseur Cat: A Novel, by Harriet Hahn. Kindle Edition. Open Road Media.

Well, I am a long-time cat person, so I was intrigued by this title as well as James’ portrait on the cover.


I soon was charmed by the British silver-grey cat named James and his good friends who introduce him to the good life (which he embraces wholeheartedly). Not sure my veterinarian would approve of James’ penchant for saucers of single-malt whiskey or his taste for gourmet ultra-rich foods. But this is a light-hearted book, so if you take it in that spirit and you like cats, this is a charming read.


It’s true that some of James’ exploits strain credibility. But at least the author does not have James actually talking to people, as is the case in some detective stories featuring feline sleuths.


If you like cats, and just want a little light reading with some amusing moments, this is a good book for you. I enjoyed it, although it’s true that the story is a little thin on plot and drama.


I gave it five stars because, as noted above, I am a cat person and I found this a fun read. Someone who is not a cat person would likely not be amused for long, and would probably award fewer stars.

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