Review: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety Through Spiritual Warfare, by Carol Peters-Tanksley MD DMin. Charisma House.

As a practicing psychotherapist, I know how patients with symptoms of anxiety and fear welcome help. So, I was very interested in reading what Dr. Peters-Tanksley (“Dr. Carol”) had to say.


In many ways this is a most excellent book. It is well organized, and the author clearly writes from a strong background in both medicine and spiritual matters. The book is in three parts. Part I, The Problem of Fear and Anxiety, has much sound information to impart to troubled readers. Part II turns to scriptural aspects with “What the Bible Says”. This quotes numerous Biblical passages on the subject of fear and anxiety, which would likely be most welcome to the committed Christian reader. It is part III that sets this book apart from most other self-help books. Titled “Strategies of Spiritual Warfare to Defeat Fear and Anxiety” this section calls the reader to a deep commitment of faith.


The subject of spiritual warfare is addressed, with a set of strategies for the believer to use in combating fear and anxiety. Now, in this section, I feel a need to be cautious. As Dr. Carol herself says, “there is significant danger in discussing techniques of spiritual warfare” and in another place she notes that the subject is not without its dangers.


This is a book for the committed Christian, and I would recommend that it be approached with close and careful reading. I would also suggest having a support system in place. Possibly a church might form a group led by a qualified person to assist those ready to embark on the deeply challenging road set forth here by Dr. Carol. I would also suggest the reader carefully note Dr. Carol’s admonishment that it might be necessary to call upon professional resources, spiritual, medical, and psychological. In my opinion, this is not a book for the weak or fragile to deal with on their own.

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