Review: Zoo Zen, A Yoga Story for Kids, by Kristen Fischer and Susi Schaefer. Sounds True Publishing.

Zoo Zen is a charming book with amusing illustrations that is sure to be appealing for children. It is intended to use with children ages 4-8.


The idea here is for children to learn some basic yoga poses by emulating the animal illustrations for each pose, along with helpful tips. It is described as “an imaginative book that combines the benefits of yoga with kid’s natural love for animals to create a magical learning journey that parents and children can enjoy together.” The helpful creatures include balancing bears, gliding cobras, proud eagles, roaring lions, bending camels, perching crocodiles, swimming dolphins, scaly lizards, screeching gorillas, hip-hop frogs, and a serene pink flamingo.


This seems like a good book for parents and children to pursue together. I’m sure the children would love emulating the poses, and an adult could help them to follow the additional tips about breathing and relaxation. Perhaps this could be used as a textbook to accompany a children’s yoga class. I do think adult supervision is wise, at least while children are first learning the poses.

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