Getting Grief Right: Finding Your Story in the Sorrow of Loss, by Patrick O’Malley, Phd with Tim Madigan. Sounds True Publishing

This is a compassionate book written by a caring and thoughtful therapist. He starts with an explanation of how the accepted views of grief and recovery can actually further wound those already trying to deal with their grief and sorrow after the loss of a loved one.


Is there a “right” way to grieve? If you don’t go through the long-accepted theory of “stages” is there something wrong with you?


The author doesn’t think so. He has found a way for those in grief to discover a better way through telling their own story and coming from a path of love rather than from one of guilt for not doing it right.


He offers a self-help program for readers to write their story of healing and love, with guidelines for how to do this on your own that are clear and understandable. However, he also offers something that I think more self-help books should take care to do, and that is to provide clearly defined considerations for a decision to seek professional help.


As a practicing psychotherapist, I highly recommend this book for those seeking a path through their pain of grief and loss.

My thanks to author, publisher, and NetGalley for providing an advance copy to read and review.

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