Review: The Beckoning Lady (A Campion Mystery) by Margery Allingham. Kindle Edition. Ipso Books.

Albert Campion is spending the summer in Pontisbright with his family, visiting the charming, eccentric Minnie and Tonker Cassand for their renowned summertime festivities.


Amanda and Albert are saddened by the recent death of the beloved but aged man they called “Uncle William”. Nonetheless, Mr. Campion is looking forward to a pleasant summer vacation with friends.


But from the first chapter, going into the story, we know that all is not well, since we have already been apprised of the presence of as-yet-undiscovered body hidden in the lovely countryside village grounds.


As always, Margery Allingham treats us to vivid personalities and lively surroundings, brilliantly conveyed in masterful words.


Of particular interest in this book is the presence of the Scotland Yard man Charles Luke, a long-time Campion partner in a number of cases. But this time, the strong competent detective is in a new circumstance: he is in love, and he hasn’t a clue how to deal with that. His friends, observing this unfamiliar scenario, are at a loss to support him.


This is of course a corking good mystery, but it is the stories of the people involved that make this particular Allingham book so compelling and ultimately satisfying.


My sincerest thanks to Camilla of the Margery Allingham Estate for providing a copy of this book for me to read and review.

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