Review: The State Counsellor: A Fandorin Mystery, by Boris Akunin. Grove Atlantic.

I came new to this character of Erast Fandorin; apparently this is the sixth in the series and has garnered quite a crowd of admiring readers.


Set in 1891 Moscow, this is a densely written story with a number of absolutely fascinating characters with multisyllabic Russian names. The sense of the ponderousness of the social structure and the blinding formality of the system surrounded me early on.


This is a most admirable book, and Boris Akunin is a gifted writer. His presentation of the characters we meet are so rich in detail that I was in awe of his ability to use language to further his tale. The story is suspenseful and masterfully told; it is difficult to follow the thread at times, and even more challenging to know just who we are rooting for. Ultimately, the only one we are sure of is the splendid Fandorin.


For those who like thrillers, this book is a riveting read. It is a savage and brutal story of intrigue, loyalty, and betrayal, masterfully written.

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