Review: The Blue Cat of Castle Town, by Catherine Cate Coblentz; illustrated by Janice Holland. Dover Books.

About the book: from the Dover back cover:


My review:

This is an utterly charming book, front to back. It is ostensibly a children’s book, but where is it written that only children get to have fun or enjoy beautiful offerings?

The Blue Cat of Castle Town is a fable about a beautiful blue kitten growing to cathood, based on 19th-century Vermont history and artifacts. First published in 1950 and a Newbery Honor book, Dover is offering this as a labor of love and a celebration of a time when beauty, peace, and contentment were valued qualities. I found this book just enchanting. I got the eBook version from NetGalley (thank you!) but the Kindle version they offered did not work on my device, so I purchased one from Amazon. I plan to obtain the Dover paperback version (multiples, to use as gifts) as soon as it is available. I give this book five stars. I would award more if they were available. I LOVE this book! It is a gem to cherish.

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