Review: It’s All In Your Head: Brain Storms, Gray Matter, and What Makes You You, by Keith Blanchard. Wicked Cow Studios.

Description (from NetGalley)


Your brain just wants to be understood. It wants you to know how it works. Well, you’re now holding the key to your brain’s—and, by extension, your own—happiness. This book will unlock a world of deep insights, juicy rewards, and game-changing power.

It’s All In Your Head is the story of what makes up your mind—why you dream, how you form a thought, why lying makes you uncomfortable, how music stirs you, and how religion can reconfigure your brain. This is the ultimate user’s manual to what makes you you. It’s brain science for everyone, with answers to the questions that keep you up at night.


Marketing Plan (from NetGalley)


The colorful 7.5″×10″ paperback is the centerpiece of a fun, illuminating content franchise—spanning digital, museum, TV, and beyond—devoted to the awesomeness of your brain.


TIME Inc. is launching a bookazine into mass channels 10/13/17 completely devoted to It’s All In Your Head. Wicked Cow will announce soon other significant, multimedia adaptations of the book, as well as the author’s speaking tour.


My Review:


As I have mentioned in some previous reviews, I am a licensed psychotherapist. In recent years, much has been learned about the human brain, and that knowledge has greatly affected the field of psychotherapy. Helping patients to understand some basic information about the brain can be most helpful. One problem encountered is that much of the information available is highly clinical in nature, and difficult for a non-clinician to comprehend.


So, I asked to read and review this book in the hope that it would represent a usable resource I could make available to patients wanting to know more about the brain. And indeed, this book is ideal for that purpose. It is well researched, and written in understandable language.


One problem I had with the book I was reviewing was that it was in Kindle format, and on my Kindle it was in black-and-white. There are a good many graphic illustrations and sidebars that appear to be helpful. But in the Kindle edition I was reading, these graphics and sidebars were scrambled in with the text, making it difficult to follow these illustrations. Also, it would appear that some text is in other colors for emphasis, and this did not show up well on my Kindle.


Nevertheless, this is a book I can recommend to those who want some basic, understandable information about the brain. I plan to make copies available for my patients.  My thanks to author, publisher, and NetGalley for making this advance copy available to read and review.

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