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First Alexander Doll: Dionne Quintuplet, early 1940s

Dolls have been important to me since my earliest childhood.  As related elsewhere on this site, my mother had only one doll in her childhood; she was determined that her daughter would have dolls in her life.  There are my childhood dolls, starting with “Baby” given to me Christmas, 1941, and others that were my constant companions.  I cared for them, dressed them, learned to make clothes for them.  Then later my mother and I started a more extensive joint collection with dolls from the Madame Alexander company being prominent.  Still later,  my mother decided to use her creative talents to create dolls for herself.  She found porcelain-head dolls in kits and produced some fabulously-gowned, one-of-a-kind dolls.  In the 1980s, I became a dealer in antique dolls.  So, from time to time, pictures and stories of some of these dolls may make their way onto these pages.  I hope readers will enjoy them as I did.